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Mushrooms in bulkPieczarki luz

White or brown mushrooms are packed in plastic or carton boxes or wood containers.

Available sizes:

  • small 30-40mm
  • medium 40-60mm
  • large 60-100mm

In this category, the most popular are mushrooms packed in black or blue plastic boxes:

  • 3kg net, size 40-60mm
  • 5kg net, size 60-100mm

size 40-60, 3 kg, black box

size 40-60, 3 kg, blue box

size 40-60 brown, 3 kg, black...

size 40-60 brown, 3 kg, blue...

size 60+, 2.5 kg, black box

size 60+, 2.5 kg, blue box

+48 32 750 55 30

+48 669 916 333

Polok - Grupa Producentów Grzybów Sp. z o.o. (LLC).

ul. Pszczyńska 117
43-267 Suszec

NIP: 6381793324


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