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About Us

Polok - The Mushroom Growers Group Sp. z o.o. (LLC)

Selling fresh champignon mushrooms is our core business. Our products meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. The members of the Group are expert mushroom growers with many years' experience. That's why we are able to fulfill every order according to the individual needs of the customer.

We offer both white and brown mushrooms.

We sell both white and brown champignon mushrooms. Our mushrooms are sold either in bulk or packaged in a cup. Depending on the order, we can prepare any packaging combination. Large production is our great asset. Thus, we are able to prepare a single production batch in no time.

Numerous European customers trust us

Our extensive offer makes us a perfect trade partner. We are a stable company; we have our own refrigerated transport and modern production facilities. The ordered goods are always sent to the customer in accordance with the determined specification and by the defined deadline.

We grow our mushrooms all year round

Our mushrooms are grown in air-conditioned facilities equipped with modern climate control systems. We can provide our customers with a stable quantity and the highest quality of products throughout the year.

We hold the Global G.A.P. Certification.

We hold the Global G.A.P. Certification. We guarantee the highest quality of our products. Both the production and sale of mushrooms is carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards. After being harvested, the mushrooms undergo a cooling process in shock refrigerators to reach the optimal temperature. Then, they are transferred to the refrigerator or packing facilities to be prepared for shipment according to customers' orders. The chain of refrigeration is maintained during the entire process of loading and transporting of the finished product to guarantee the supply of high-quality goods.

+48 32 750 55 30

+48 669 916 333

Polok - Grupa Producentów Grzybów Sp. z o.o. (LLC).

ul. Pszczyńska 117
43-267 Suszec

NIP: 6381793324


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