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The POLOK GROUP website at hereinafter referred to as the Website, uses cookies to provide its Users with the safety and efficiency when using the Website. While using the Website, the User agrees for the Website to utilize cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies files (so-called "cookies") are small amounts of data generated by the website, especially text files that are stored in the Website User's end device. Cookies are intended to store a specific site's information. Cookies typically contain the name of the website from which they originate, their storage time in the end device and a unique number.

Which cookies are used by our Website?

Our Website uses  two different types ("flavors") of cookies.

  • The "session" files or temporary cookies, which are stored in the end device of the User's until the User logs out, leaves the Website or disables the web browser. Temporary files are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website. They enable a secure Website login.
  • The "persistent" cookies which are stored in end device of a User for a specific time in cookie file parameters or until the User deletes them.

Our Website uses the following cookie files:

- "functional" which are used to store information such as username and password, making it faster and easier to use the Website,

- "statistical" through which the Website can optimize access and navigation according to Users' preferences,

- "advertising" allowing Users to receive ads tailored to their individual preferences and interests,

- "social" which allow the integration of Users' social networking sites with the Website.

Blocking cookie files

In numerous cases, the software used for browsing the web (web browser) is allowed by default to store cookies in the Users' end devices. Users can change cookie settings at any time. These settings can be changed to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or the automatic sending of information every time you access the Website. Detailed information about the methods of handling cookies are available in the software settings (web browser). No lockout means that the User accepts storing of cookies.

Limiting the use of cookies set by the User may affect some of the Website functionality.


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We use cookies to facilitate the use of our service and for statistical purposes. If you are not blocking cookies, you agree to use them and store them in your computer memory. Remember that you can manage cookies by changing your browser settings. Find more information in our cookies privacy policy.

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